Information for schools/centres

Kids Balance offer workshops for nursery and primary pupils.  

Workshops go on for 45 mins (35 mins for nursery age children)

Our Kids Balance sessions consist of our unique 6-steps technique, which takes pupils from a high energy to a low energy balance and co-ordination exercises, relaxation group activities, breathing and mindfulness practices, mindful movements, visualisations, and positive affirmations.

Regular relaxation and mindful movement is particularly useful to counteract exam stress, peer pressure and bullying. Relaxation can help children learn, be more self-aware, listen, concentrate and focus. It can also help their emotional well being as they are more in control of their moods and emotions.

Our simple and unique 6-steps unique technique helps pupils manage their stress, anxieties and worries, promotes confidence,
self-awareness and creativity and gives them tools for life.

Our workshops are also ideal for Friendship week, Anti-bullying week, and Well-being week.

Find a Kids Balance coach in your area to run workshops in your school or centre.



Benefits of Kids Balance Program for your school

Relax muscles and calm nervous system hence promoting general good health
Helps release endorphins, helping children fell happy and positive
Helps calm mind and sharpens concentration and memory retention/ focus and class cohesion
Stimulates imagination and creativity
Encourages self-expression and self-confidence
Developing self-awareness
Develop practical skills to manage feelings and emotions
Give children a head start in life and enhance their school performance
Fun and interactive workshops can also aid sleeping problems, stress, anxiety and hyperactivity
Promotes positive relationships
Promotes positive bystander behaviour, by teaching children skills to instill calm in a group situation
Encourages helpful and cooperative behaviour which is incompatible with bullying



Workshop Structure  

Parents and children today often run on a tight schedule. By having Kid’s Balance classes available at your child’s school/center, your child will be able to participate in classes without the rush of going from one location to another.

Extra Curriculum Option (after hour school program)

Workshop Length

 Workshops go for 45 mins (35 mins for nursery aged children)

Program Length
 6 weeks to a full term

Workshop Timetable
 Workshops are held after school, one afternoon a week
 Possible option of offering shorter classes during lunchtime

 A room that can hold 10 children on Kids Balance mats
 Introductory letters and enrolment forms will be provided to the school for distribution to children.
   Kids Balance will handle all monies.

Curriculum Option (school hour program)

Program LengthWorkshop Length
Workshops go for 45 mins (35 mins for nursery aged children) 

This is adaptable to each school’s/centre’s requirements. We recommend a minimum of 6 weeks for children
    to reap the full benefits from the workshops

Workshop Timetable
Our coaches are available to fit into a school’s/centre’s class timetable - workshops can be held at any time of the day

Special Occasion (including parties)

Personalised Workshops

Workshops are adaptable in length and theme, depending on the agenda

Program Length
This is adaptable to each school’s/centre’s requirements

Workshop Timetable
Our coaches are available to fit into a school’s/centre’s class timetable – workshops can be held at any time of the day


Tips on how to relax your class for teachers  

 Lying down

Make floor space. Have students hold hands and form a circle. When music begins, children drop hands, sit, and lie on their back in place, with feet pointed into center of circle. Arms rest at their sides, feet about one foot apart, eyes closed. Students breathe in and out evenly for the duration of the music, and remain silent and still. When music ends students open their eyes, sit up, stand up, stretch, and continue with their next activity.

 Sitting down

Teacher can announce it is relaxation time, or begin to play the special music that is reserved for relaxation time. Students stop what they are doing; let their arms hang at their sides or rest on their thighs, keeping their eyes open. Students breathe in and out evenly for the duration of the music, and remain silent and still. When music ends students resume their activities.


Visualization is a powerful tool that is useful for encouraging relaxation. Instruct children to sit quietly and still while closing their eyes.  Tell them to visualise a positive scene, or scenario, such as a favorite fairytale or playing at the park with friends. 

 Toe Tensing

The toe tensing method helps preschoolers to relax by drawing tension out of the body. Instruct children to lie down and wiggle their toes. Tell children to pull, or tense, the toes toward their face, holding for a count of 10. For best results, repeat this exercise approximately five times.

 Colour Therapy

Color therapy is also a useful way to encourage a feeling of relaxation. Instruct children to close their eyes and think of a colour that makes them feel peaceful, relaxed and comfortable. With the eyes remaining closed, have them blowing the colour throughout his body, letting the relaxing color fill his body and relax the mind.

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