Our team

Anna L  

I was practicing architecture in Asia and Australia before I commit to the hardest job on earth to becoming a full time mother. During my struggle in motherhood, I was introduced to visualisation and meditation when my little girl was 1 year old. We have been practicing mindfulness and visualisation ever since. I became so passionate on mindfulness and had since taken training and attending workshops on wellness and meditation for kids. I have witnessed and experienced firsthand the power of mindful practice, visualisation and positive affirmation in my girl’s emotional as well as brain development while discovering my own inner strength.

The pursuit of my passion is now embodied in Kids Balance and through Kids Balance I would love to share and spread the power of mindfulness program to all children. 


Samantha Q  

It all started one winter when she realises how passionate she is about helping children and adults to develop wellbeing and health through Kids Balance  relaxation techniques and mindfulness practices. She came to the realisation that children nowadays find it challenging to cope with stress. Child stress is on the increase and 1 in 5 children have some sort of mental health problems that includes anxiety and behavioural issues.

"I am passionate and love teaching children. In particular, teaching the art of self relaxation by offering breathing, relaxation and creative movement  that can be used in everyday life. It has been shown that children that are more balanced and centred leads to more positive, self confident and happy individuals. Relaxation and meditation also stimulates the imagination and creativity and encourages self expression. My professional background stems from Bachelor of Business (Professional Accounting) along with previous experience in Business Analysis and Management."




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